Dyllis Filler, a Tails of Lanschilandia comic
A Tails of Lanschilandia B-side comic.

Currently not updating; main comic is updating.
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Filler Archive
  Dyllis Filler!
  Let's Meet Dyllis
  Holiday Special - Christmas 2013
  Dyllis is a Great Sword Fighter
  Dyllis Has a Great Future
  Dyllis Braves the Snowstorm
  Dyllis Crosses a Frozen Lake
  Dyllis in Danger
  Dyllis Has a Meal
  Dyllis Gets Roasted... Maybe
  Bonus Art: Dyllis Filler
  Dyllis Has a Strange Name
  Dyllis & the Troll - Part 1
  Dyllis & the Troll - Part 2
  Dyllis Goes Fishing
  That Sinking Feeling
  The New Adventures of Dyllis Filler
  The Secret Task of Dyllis Filler
  The Secret Debut of Finnegan Snooks
  The Secret Secrets of Cinnamon Rolle
  Dyllis has a Nemesis
  Dyllis Gets Somewhere
  Caereg Rocks
  Dyllis Finds a Way
  The Imprisonment of Dyllis Filler
  The Deprisonment of Dyllis Filler
  Dyllis Notices an Anomaly
  Dyllis Infiltrates a Castle
  Cinnamon Evades the Guards
  Dyllis Evades the Guards
  Finn Evades the Guards Better Than Anyone Else
  Dyllis Learns Vital Plot Things
  Dyllis Has a Pleasant Chat
  Dyllis Returns the King
  Dyllis Has Helpful Friends
  Lewis Carroll Writes a Poem
  Christmas Pic 2017
  Dyllis Has a Happy New Year
  Dyllis and the Jabberwock
  Dyllis Might be Relevant
  Dyllis Has Got the Power
  Dyllis is Genuinely Flippin' Powerful
  Dyllis Solves a Mystery
  Dyllis Went Galumphing Back
  Dyllis Doesn't Say Much in This One
  Dyllis Possesses Arcane Knowledge
  Dyllis Goes Camping
  Dyllis Has Good Insurance
  Dyllis Has a Limited Wardrobe
  Dyllis Receives a Premium Offer
  Dyllis Has an OFT Complaint
  Dyllis is a Person of Interest
  Dyllis Could be Rich Already
  Dyllis Spills the Beans
  Golly, it's Chilli Here!
  Dyllis Comes with a Money Back Guarantee
  Holiday Special - New Year 2021
  The Terrifical Tail of Dyllis Filler
  Dyllis Has Some Sort of Power. Honest!
  Dyllis May No Longer Be the Rightful King of Britain
  Cinnamon Really Doesn't Like Pretend Play
  I Thought Dyllis Would Be Taller
  Dyllis Is Not a Flying Toy
  Dyllis Discovers the Rich Folkloric History of Rural Disgleiria
  Cinnamon Delivers Peak Performance
  Cinnamon is Just Staying Out of Habit at This Point
  Dyllis Finds Another Way
  Dyllis Meets a Friendly Fellow
  (Untitled) pt. 2
  The Ongoing Absence of Dyllis Filler
  Dyllis Takes a Safe Shortcut
  Dyllis Reconsiders Taking a Safe Shortcut
  Dyllis Doesn't Have Much of a Say in These Decisions
  Dyllis Has Legitimate Concerns About Where This Is Going
  Dyllis Is Starting to Realise Why the Not-Yeti Has No Friends
  Dyllis Is Not Having Fun Anymore
  Y'Know, I Don't Think Dyllis Is Feeling So Great
  The Secret Power of Dyllis Filler

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