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A Tails of Lanschilandia B-side comic.

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Dyllis Receives a Premium Offer

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One town exploration tour later...
Cinnamon:"Big and tall", bah. What customers do they usually get, dwarves?
Dyllis:But what do we do next? All our stuff is gone.
Finn:Yeah... We'll need to get it back somehow.
Cinnamon:How? You think the thieves are just going to show up to try and sell it back to us?
???:Ahem, excuse me.
Shady Dealer:I heard you were looking for adventuring gear. I have a few... wares on offer.
Shady Dealer:All I ask in return is a few... favours. Follow me quietly.
Dyllis:It seems a little suspicious.
Cinnamon:More like a lot. It's definitely a trap of some sort.
Cinnamon:Come on now, let's get that gear.

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