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A Tails of Lanschilandia B-side comic.

Currently not updating; main comic is updating.
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Dyllis Reconsiders Taking a Safe Shortcut

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Dyllis:Um... Not-Yeti...
Not-Yeti:Call me Barry.
Dyllis:Oh. Erm, Barry... I think something's watching us.
Not-Yeti:Yes, yes. They always are.
Not-Yeti:Don't ye worry now, colleen. Nothing in these caves I don't know how to deal with.
Not-Yeti:You see, back when I first came here... bla bla bla bla bla
Not-Yeti:...And that's how I taught those beasties to always respect another's right to privacy. Would ye like another tale?
Not-Yeti:Blimey, that's a lot of bats.
Dyllis:You think?!

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