Dyllis Filler, a Tails of Lanschilandia comic
A Tails of Lanschilandia B-side comic.

Currently not updating; main comic is updating.
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Dyllis Discovers the Rich Folkloric History of Rural Disgleiria

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Líle:This is boring. Are you guys gonna climb that mountain or not?
Finn:What do you say, Dyllis?
Dyllis:Well, I...
Finn:She accepts your challenge!
Ian:Good, but I have to warn you. There's a terrible monster living on that mountain!
Ian:Once, he was just a hairy dude, who lived down in Gwyndroed. But he kept causing delays for the postal service, especially around the holidays.
Hairy dude:Wait, stop! Has my parcel been delivered yet?
Ian:They called him... the Not-Yeti.
Ian:But his terror would not last. He was driven out of the village and into the mountains. There, he lurks, waiting... Just waiting... For his next victim.
Dyllis:I don't know, Cinnamon. That sounds a bit concerning.
Cinnamon:Poppycock! It's just one of those things that kids make up. Like those amalgam creatures with the floppy ears.

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