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A Tails of Lanschilandia B-side comic.

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Dyllis Has a Meal

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Waitress:welcome to the snail hall may i take your order our menu consists of twenty-seven local varieties of katoblepas steak appetiser soups made with only the finest of regional herbs a rich collection of seafood including salmon trout piranha giant monster kraken tentacles fried and served in our popular onion sauce as well as several veggie side dishes we are out of glurp soup due to shortage of pistachioes i was told that i would recommend the cauliflower au gratin a la merlin so what would you like to order and hurry up I don't have all day you know
Dragoness:Psst... order the chile de infierno!
Dyllis:Um, OK... One chile de infierno, please.
Waitress:Tough girl, eh? Whatever you say, lass.
Dyllis:*munch* *munch*
Dyllis:Thank you, that was good.
Dyllis:Oh, excuse me...
Dragoness:Don't sweat it.

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