Dyllis Filler, a Tails of Lanschilandia comic
A Tails of Lanschilandia B-side comic.

Currently not updating; main comic is updating.
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The Ongoing Absence of Dyllis Filler

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Finn:For your information, I do NOT agree with what we're doing here.
Cinnamon:What, you don't at least wanna get to the top and complete this stupid task?
Finn:Complete it for what? I don't know if you understand the gravity of the situation, but...
Cinnamon:Ssh! You're gonna trigger an avalanche.
Finn:Very well, but finding Dyllis should still be our top priority.
Cinnamon:She'll show up sooner or later.
Finn:How can you just say that? What if she doesn't?
Cinnamon:Then we'll at least get her sword back. We could rent it out to museums...
Cinnamon:Fine, fine. I'll keep an eye out for her.

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