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Dyllis May No Longer Be the Rightful King of Britain

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Cinnamon:Yo, dill-head. C'mere.
Dyllis:Um... Okay?
Cinnamon:You see those kids over there?
Cinnamon:They have a stubby little sword like yours. Maybe we can buy it from them.
Finn:You want to purchase a toy sword?
Finn:Cinnamon, this isn't a game. I know you're not a trained fighter, but think about it. What would a warrior like Dyllis do with such a tiny, ridiculous mockery of a sword?
Finn:How will she fight with a sword no longer than a butter knife? It's not a real weapon, it's a CHILD'S PLAYTH-
Dyllis:I think that is actually my sword, Finn.
Finn:Say what now?

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