Dyllis Filler, a Tails of Lanschilandia comic
A Tails of Lanschilandia B-side comic.

Currently not updating; main comic is updating.
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Y'Know, I Don't Think Dyllis Is Feeling So Great

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Not-Yeti:By gum! The devil bats are back! The bats of doom! The rodents-
Dyllis:Yes, we've been through this. Maybe you shouldn't always... you know, um... invoke these things??
Not-Yeti:I was jes' kidding again!
Not-Yeti:In any case, we need to hurry, or... Oh, blimey!
Not-Yeti:It's too late. They've blocked the exit. We're trapped!
Not-Yeti:No, no! Somebody, help! I'm not ready to be bat food! I mean, not yet, at least.
Not-Yeti:No, not there! NOOOOO!! Oh, if only a true heroine were here to hear my desperate pleas!
Dyllis:Hnng... Hrk...

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