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A Tails of Lanschilandia B-side comic.

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Dyllis is a Person of Interest

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Dealer:Now that we're all comfortable, let's talk business.
Finn:We're not too crazy about that right now.
Dealer:Tough, are we? Don't worry, I think you'll find my offer agreeable. All I'm asking for is a few...
Dealer:Secrets. Hers, specifically.
Finn:What if we don't tell you?
Dealer:Then you'll stay there till you do! Besides, you do want your stuff back, don't you?
Dealer:We picked this up from a group of travellers last night. Look familiar, dragon?
Cinnamon:Mmm-nope. Never seen it.
Dealer:Wait, it's not yours? I gave them descriptions of who to rob!
Cannelle:Sacre bleu, mon chapeau est parti!
Anethis:Zut alors!

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