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Finn Snooks

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Mildly interesting drivel from Tammy Spahn:

This was my first concept sketch of Finn Snooks for the Dyllis Filler comic, created quite a while before his debut appearance there I believe. I'm not very good at the whole "concept sketch" thing, but I don't have to convey it to anyone other than myself so I suppose it's fine.

Finn was one of those characters I had been planning to include since the early days but didn't have an opportunity to until much later - not necessarily in page numbers, but in real time due to how rarely the filler comic updates. He was going to help Dyllis succeed in her quest behind the scenes for a while before the two eventually meet up, but I suppose that was cut short. Not that I'm entirely sure what Dyllis's quest even is at this point, as I never anticipated the filler comic becoming story-focused rather than running individual gag pages. Not a good choice, I think, as I'm just making things up as I go now, but with the addition of Finn as another driving force for an actual plot, there seems to be no way back.

On the plus side, I quite like his design. He's handsome for a Lanschilandia-styled cartoon... cat? What even are these people?

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