Dyllis Filler, a Tails of Lanschilandia comic
A Tails of Lanschilandia B-side comic.

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The Terrifical Tail of Dyllis Filler

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Finn:Now that Cinnamon has so generously returned our money, let's head to a less shady town and get the rest of our equipment back.
Cinnamon:Ehh... Who needs equipment anyway when you've got a TRUE MEHANIAN HEROINE(tm)?
Finn:Well, Dyllis needs her equipment, too. Look at her! She's no good without a weapon!
Finn:Even she couldn't have slain the Jabberwock without a vorpal blade.
Dyllis:I think my tail did that, actually.
Cinnamon:Your tail? Your TAIL?! How can you slay a monster with your tail?!
Dyllis:I d-d-don't know!
Dyllis:M-maybe it was afraid of tails?
Cinnamon:That thing was DECAPITATED!

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