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Musings from the Gnome Front - page 19

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Parsley:You've got to be kidding! What do you mean, they said no?
Father Gnome:They don't wanna move. They find it quite cosy.
Parsley:Cosy? Cosy?! How, precisely, is this cosy?
Parsley:Have you looked around you? There's more gnomes here than house!
Father Gnome:Hey, I can't force them, y'know.
Father Gnome:It's a new style of living. They call it "gnomesteading".
Parsley:Well, I call it home stealing! It's really selfish of you, you know that?
Lanschi:Parsley, it's fine. We did what we could.
Parsley:Huh? No, it's not fine. Where are you and Panschi going to stay?
Lanschi:Oh, I, um... I'll make room, I guess.
Lanschi:There's got to be room under here somewhere...

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