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Musings from the Gnome Front - page 18

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Father Gnome:Bit by bit, the wizard and his scientist destroyed the forests to put up factories.
Kakralomino:This seems like a good spot for a tree factory!
Father Gnome:We were forced to retreat, further and further into the woods. I went ahead, of course, to check if things were safe.
Gnome:Dude, slow down!
Father Gnome:But of course, their greed did not stop there. No Sir! Sneeringly, the wizard had a factory built right on top of our last community burrow.
Father Gnome:What a git. I mean, who does that?
Father Gnome:We went deeper underground, travelling sewers and pipes in search of a new home.
Gnome:We should have taken the metro.
Father Gnome:In the end, we arrived at this house and elected to stay.
Parsley:Well, that's nice, but we figured this out five pages ago.
Parsley:What I've been trying to tell you is that you can't stay. This was already somebody's house, y'see?
Lanschi:Yeah, it's a bit cramped like this.
Father Gnome:Hmm, ehh. I suppose I can ask the folks if they want to move.
Lanschi:We'll wait.
Father Gnome:Folks said no.

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