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Tails of Lanschilandia - Book 2

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Yippee, it's our second book!

As of March 2016, the second print edition of Tails of Lanschilandia is now here for you to purchase, possess and brag about! Just like the first book, it's printed by Lulu and available in full colour or greyscale (much less expensive!). Follow the continued exploits of Lanschi the duck and his friends as they try to foil the plans of the evil wizard Kakralomino in this good ol' print comic book. Fun and wonderfully weird wackiness for all ages!

Click one of the links to the left to be taken to the product page on Lulu, or check out the feature list and FAQ below first to get a detailed look at what's in this one!

  • ~100 pages of Lanschilandia goodness
  • Includes the following complete stories, as seen on the website, plus title pages and brief commentary:
  • Ooze Busters
  • The Metamorphosis of Mr. Ani
  • Lizard Needs Food Badly
  • ...totalling 80 pages of pure comic fun!
  • Bonus content:
  • A brief history of Lanschilandia: an abridged, humorous timeline of the kingdom
  • An interview with the comic's creator, Tammy Spahn
  • Three pages of sketches and early concepts, including a full comic page sketch
  • 6.63x10.25 inch comic book-style format with a fancy cover
  • Support a potentially starving author with your purchase!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
None of these questions have actually been asked yet. I'm asking them myself so you don't have to!

Why is the full colour version so twiddling expensive? You're so greedy!

The books are printed "on demand" by Lulu - that means when you order one, it doesn't exist yet and will be printed specifically for you. This unfortunately makes printing very expensive, and only a tiny percentage of what you pay goes to me. Bulk printing the books in advance is currently not feasible as there's not enough demand and no easy way for me to distribute them. Sorry!

What happened to Dyllis Filler?

There are no Dyllis Filler pages in this print edition - sorry about that! With 80 Tails of Lanschilandia pages already featured, they've been excluded to prevent making full-colour prints even more expensive with pages that are neither from the main comic nor in full colour. If there's demand (and it keeps running for long enough), Dyllis Filler may eventually be printed in its entirety in a dedicated black-and-white volume.

What resolution will the pages be printed in?

All pages will be printed in 300 DPI, a significantly higher resolution than their online ("web resolution") counterparts and pretty much the size they're created at before being shrunken for the web. That means they're going to look better than they do on the site!

Are the pages unaltered?

Pretty much. Some pages have had minor improvements made since they were first uploaded, but those should already be reflected on the website at this time. In general, everything is printed as shown on the web; none of the art has been updated.

Is the introduction page included, like in the first book?

Nope - it's been replaced by a two-page overview of the main characters created specifically for this book, showing their names and faces.

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