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The kingdom of Lanschilandia on the planet Meha is home to most of our heroes! Formerly peaceful, the kingdom has been threatened by the evil Kakralomino and his underlings in recent times, and it's usually up to Lanschi and friends to save the day.

Lanschi Ani
The hero of the comic! Lanschi the duck may be clumsy and oftentimes rather dense, but he does all in his power to protect Lanschilandia. When he's "on the job", his courage and agility are unmatched.

Panschi Ani
Always the pessimist, Lanschi's cynical brother may not be the nicest or most caring person around, but when push comes to shove, he can always be counted on.

Parsley Sage Rose Marian Thyme
Armed with books and herbology, Parsley can provide a calm assessment of any situation. Though she prefers brains over brawn, she's ready to get physical when absolutely necessary.

Hayfa Belle
This fat-and-proud cow lives near the Alluvian border and would rather be left in peace, but she'll do what she can to protect her friends - or her lifestyle. Her massive strength is outmatched only by her appetite.

The barren country of Alluvia is the direct neighbour of Lanschilandia - separated only by a small mountain range - and ruled by the wizard Kakralomino from his ominous tower in the centre of the land. Not surprisingly, Alluvia is also home to many of Kakralomino's allies and Lanschi's worst enemies!

Kakralomino Kagnas Septurai
A powerful wizard from the planet Septura, Kakralomino is the ruler of Alluvia - and Kagnas Enterprises. Constantly plotting in his spire, he has his mind set on conquering Lanschilandia as well, if only to finally get the better of his arch-enemy, Lanschi.

Bastheus "Bad Bat" Arak
Kakralomino's most trusted flunky, Bad Bat is as loyal as he is oblivious. He not only helps his master carry out his schemes, but is also the one most likely to be blamed for their inevitable failure. Is it really his fault, though?

Lunara "Batty" Vyalin
Batty is a woman who has dedicated her life to the one person she truly loves: herself. Though it's clear to her that she's the greatest, she won't rest until the whole world knows it, even if it means working with inferiors like Bad Bat to set the wizard's latest scheme in motion.

Dr. Aran Spid
As Kakralomino's chief eight-legged scientist, Dr. Spid is nature's worst enemy, causing destruction and pollution with his terrible machines. His inventions help the wizard in his conquest, but Spid would much rather have that power for himself.

Other Characters
Besides the main characters, our heroes have met many strange folks on their numerous adventures. Here's a small selection, but you will need to read the comic to learn more!

King Lanschi - The leisurely ruler of Lanschilandia Phoebe - The King's physics-defying herald
Prof. Manatide - Lanschilandia's own wacky inventor Lacy Phacelia - The forest witch with anger issues
Shishlareth - Feral plus lizard equals this oddball Scarlett - The mail pigeon who'd rather be a cat
Dr. DeLaplaga - The mysterious masked alchemist Plunt - The evil master of flowers and vegetables

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