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Musings from the Gnome Front - page 20

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There is no room...
Lanschi:I miss my house. If there ever was a house, that one sure was mine.
Parsley:We'll have to find you lodging until the gnomes go away.
Parsley:It's possible they'll migrate south for the winter.
Lanschi:Maybe we can take turns!
Parsley:I don't know for sure... It's also possible they will hibernate. Oh, I wish I had done more research on this!
Lanschi:Don't beat yourself up, Parsley.
Lanschi:Whatever the future may bring... At least we still have us.
Parsley:That's nice of you to say, Lanschi. I-
Lanschi:...And also, this cool slide whistle! Boy, am I glad we went to that factory!
Lanschi:Eep! I think I whistled a gnome into existence.
Lanschi:I whistled a lot of gnomes into existeeeeence!!!

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