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Musings from the Gnome Front - page 17

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One explanation in fluent Gnomish later...
Parsley:...So, we need you to, well, move.
Father Gnome:M-hm, I see.
Father Gnome:Well, let me tell you our story... The story of the gnomes.
Lanschi:Oooh, story time!
Father Gnome:Once upon a time, we gnomes lived happily in our burrows in what you call Alluvia.
Gnome:Gee, we sure are happy in our burrows in what some people call Alluvia!
Father Gnome:Everything was sunshine and rainbows, not that we saw much of those since we were usually underground. It's a gnome thing, y'see?
Father Gnome:But then came the wizard. He was bad.
Kakralomino:Oh, I hate gnomes! I don't know what they are but I still hate them!
Father Gnome:He brought his chief scientist with him, a man without scruple.
Dr. Spid:Yeah, bailing out now.
Father Gnome:At first, we thought they were just visiting. But it turned out the wizard had already claimed the country!
Father Gnome:Things happen so fast these days...
Father Gnome:And my, does that fellow have a mean attitude. Like, hoo boy. Did you ever meet him?
Parsley:We met him a few times...

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