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The Great Skittish Cake-Off - page 12

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Parsley:Well, I better go look for Lanschi. You don't mind excusing me for a bit, do you?
Hayfa:Not at all, Rose!
Hayfa:Hmm, they lah-lah-left the potion behind. I wonder... No, I shouldn't be thinking this. Or should I?
Devil Hayfa:Yes, yes, do it! You're just compensating for the bats' unfair advantage. It's only fair.
Angel Hayfa:Oh, come on! That's not fair to the other contestants. Besides, you may get you disqualified!
Hayfa:Wait, wait. Who are you people?!
Devil Hayfa:No time to explain, cakes to enhance! Unless you're gonna listen to that featherweight over there.
Angel Hayfa:Who're you calling featherweight, small fry?!
Devil & Angel:[obscured arguing]
Hayfa:Stop! Stop it! Maybe we can use it just a little.
Hayfa:I mean, a drop or two of this can't hurt, right?

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