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The Great Skittish Cake-Off - page 13

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The bake-off continues...
Trixie:Y'see, I jes gotta take off these shades, 'n voila... Instan' marble cake.
TV Guy:That's, um, very interesting. Thank you, Ms. Cocca.
TV Guy:Well then! Let's see how Ms. Belle and Ms. Thyme are doing with their cake.
Hayfa:Come in, come in! You will be very pah-pah-pleased!
Choir:O Fortuna velut luna
Scroll:libum eruntque comedentes
TV Guy:Phe-nomenal! If Ms. Belle's cake is even half as delicious as it looks, this will be a bake-off to remember!
TV Guy:I see it's still rising, too!
Hayfa:Moo? It's not supposed to rise!
Parsley:Um, Hayfa... Did you add too much leavening, by any chance?

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