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The Great Skittish Cake-Off - page 11

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Parsley:The bats must have used some of this on their cake, then dumped the flask to cover their traces.
Hayfa:Bah-bah-but isn't that cheating?
Parsley:I don't think they care very much about fair play, unfortunately.
Panschi:So what? They used it, now you have it. Seems like there's an obvious solution here.
Lanschi:*Gasp!* Panschi!
Lanschi:Are you suggesting Hayfa should cheat at the annual bake-off? The traditional one?? The one blessed by the best bakers and cheesemakers of Lanschilandia???
Parsley:Um, right, I agree that wouldn't be such a good idea. We could tell the judges, but we may need proof that the bats actually used the potion on their cake.
Lanschi:Say no more! Sherlock Lanschi is on the case.
Lanschi:I shall investigate every crumb of cake, every pinch of saffron, until I've solved this mystery! I shall be most attentive to my surroundings, leaving no scone unturned, and-
Lanschi:...Where on Meha am I??

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