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The Great Skittish Cake-Off - page 7

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Kakralomino:Now, if you will excuse me, I'll have to leave this unexpected reunion to deal with more pressing affairs. Cheerio!~
Batty:You heard him, we're just baking cakes here. So mind your own business, capiche?
Meanwhile, at someone else's business...
Dr. DeLaplaga:Hmm... This was meant to be a remedy for cake, but so far...
Dr. DeLaplaga:...it hasn't remedied much. In fact, it's had the opposite effect! How tragic! Maybe I'll just scrap it all and...
Dr. DeLaplaga:Hm? Who goes there? Business is closed on Sunturday.
SFX:Bonk! *@+!...
Dr. DeLaplaga:Help!

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