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The Great Skittish Cake-Off - page 8

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Lanschi:Tent, sweet tent! Better get set up and get bakin'!
Parsley:You'd better not set up, Lanschi. The rules only permit one assistant.
Panschi:Yeah, real shame... How 'bout we keep 'n eye on things outside?
Parsley:That may be good, I-
Hayfa:Gee, they could at least have said toodles.
Parsley:Well, I hope they'll report anything suspicious. I don't precisely feel safe with Kakralomino's goons around.
Hayfa:Dah-dah-don't you think that's being prejudiced, Rose? Maybe they really just want to win the bah-bah-bake-off.
Hayfa:No one's evil all the time, nah-nah-not even the people who made the marmalade so expensive at the grocery store.
Hayfa:I mean, 3 quarters a jar?? And it's only 2 and a half quarters full! That must be illegal somehow!

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