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Holiday, Get Away! - page 4

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Lanschi:Hey, Parsley! Ready to see some rad tail slides? May or may not be my own tail.
Parsley:I'll be there in a moment! I just need to use the little chicks' room real quick.
Parsley:Hmm... Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is that Kakralomino?
Lanschi:It's probably a fatamagoria.
Kakralomino:Alright, Kakra, you can do this... Take a deep breath, relax, and pretend you did not just see those do-gooder dorks stalk you to the edges of the continent.
Kakralomino:Maybe if I just act natural, they won't even know I'm h-
Parsley:What are you doing here, you scoundrel? Nothing good, I assume!
Kakralomino:Eh, hehehe. Why, good day to you, too. I am just staying here for a holiday. What else?
Parsley:Nonsense. Everyone knows you're always planning something evil.
Kakralomino:I am letting the fresh salt-breeze work its natural wonders and elevate my entire being to metaphorical frolic-filled nirvana. Can't you see how relaxed I am?
Kakralomino:Now GET OUT OF MY FACE!

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