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Holiday, Get Away! - page 3

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Kakralomino:No... no no no no!
Sandman:More tea, Master?
Kakralomino:Enough with the tea! Tea can't fix the problems of my day-to-day existence!
Kakralomino:Like that duck... Lanschi. Who does he think he is, staying at the same holiday resort as I? I HATE THAT DUCK!!
Kakralomino:Just you wait, Lanschi! I'm gonna go out there and-
Doctor:You shouldn't do that, Lord Kagnas.
Kakralomino:Who are you to tell me what I can do??
Doctor:I'm your doctor, and it may be time to remind you why you are here.
Kakralomino:Yes, yes, I know. The stress.
Doctor:Your health has not been looking good, Lord Kagnas. Not good at all. Quite bad, in fact.
Doctor:Your stress has been building up like I've never seen in a patient. It's downright palpable! You're going to need a lot of rest, Lord Kagnas, or you won't be able to oppress any more kingdoms.
Doctor:And that means no violent outbursts!!

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