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Holiday, Get Away! - page 5

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Kakralomino:Wheeze, wheeze!
Doctor:My, my, that doesn't sound good! It's the stress again.
Doctor:Here, take your medicine! You can pay me later.
SFX:Glug, glug...
Parsley:Hmm... Maybe he really is telling the truth this time.
Doctor:Cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon...
Kakralomino:Goo goo...
Parsley:Well, I've seen enough. I wonder how Lanschi feels about this.
Quite optimistic...
Lanschi:Well, if he's here for rest and relaxation, then we should make his stay as pleasant as possible!
Panschi:What?! Why??
Lanschi:Come on, Panschi. He may be my evil archenemy, but think of all the fun times we've had!
Panschi:Can't think of a single second.
Hayfa:Wah-wah-what do you think, Rose?
Parsley:Well, we're all here to unwind, so it may be good not to start anything...
Panschi:Good idea. May be time to quit somethin' instead.
Lanschi:You weren't even wearing the hat!

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