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Any Witch Way - page 11

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But what's this? Not far, a terrible trio tip-toes through the timbers...
Kakralomino:Alright, coast is clear. Time to ditch this silly disguise.
Bad Bat:*GASP!* It's Kakaralomino!
Kakralomino:Of course it's Kakralomino! Who did you think brought you here, your grandmother?
Bad Bat:Yes?
Batty:Can you explain again what exactly we are doing? I'm getting pixie dung all over my feet.
Kakralomino:I am winning a race. You are doing what I say and that's all you do.
Batty:And what would that be?
Kakralomino:"Keep an eye" on the competition... Make sure no one's winning this fair and square.
Kakralomino:That meddling duck may yet ruin this for me. He's smarter than he looks and shouldn't be underestimated.
Lanschi:I think I swallowed the lightbulb thing... But hey, at least it's in a safe place now, right? Right?

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