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Any Witch Way - page 12

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Parsley:Hmm... I just realised we haven't seen any other participants since we entered the forest.
Lacy:I would hope so. No one in their right mind takes this shortcut.
Bad Bat:The one with the glowing butt looks very familiar.
Batty:That's Lanschi, you dolt.
Bad Bat:What do we do now? They may win legitimately if their cuts are so short.
Batty:That's where ol' pointy-hat's bag-a-tricks comes in.
Batty:Lessee... Party tricks... Insurance contracts... A-ha! We're gonna have a blast with these.
Lanschi:Golly, you never know what you'll find next in this place. It's like liquorice allsorts, except more evil.
Lacy:Do a few creepy crawlies and ancient horrors scare you?
Lacy:I have scarier things in my backyard! Just pull yourself together. Remember, the most frightening thing in this forest is m-

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