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Any Witch Way - page 10

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Lanschi:So, um, I know this is the Dark Forest's way of expressing its unique and valid identity, but, uh...
Lanschi:I can't see beans.
Lacy:No worries, that's what magic is for. (And for dealing with telemarketers, but that's for another occasion.)
Lacy:From fairy fire and a used light bulb, I fashioned our very own will-o'-the-wisp.
Lacy:Yes, look upon its all-illuminating shine! Ignis fatuus in its purest form, condensed into this spellbinding bundle of light. Look, and despair!
Lanschi:Can I hold it?
Lanschi:I'll be extra careful with- hey, stop! That's not for you! Ow, my olfactory epithelium!
Lacy:Oh yeah, and it attracts wild cheese goblins.
Parsley:Shouldn't we help him?
Lanschi:Sheesh, these guys smell like my uncle's feet.

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