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Any Witch Way - page 9

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Parsley:So how precisely does this race play out? I've never participated in a magic one, to be honest.
Lacy:It's simple, you'll see. We just have to make our way through the Dark Forest faster than the others. If we survive, we should be fine. But don't worry, I know the best route to take. I've been participating for hundreds of years!
Parsley:"Best" or "safest"?
Lacy:I said "best", didn't I?
Lanschi:Um, is it just I or is it getting... terribly dark all of a sudden?
Lacy:Well it's called the Dark Forest for a reason, Merlin.
Lacy:We used to race in the Happy Sunshine Strawberry Forest, but some of us are allergic to strawberries.
Lanschi:Makes sense.

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