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Funfair Practices - page 2

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Parsley:It's Kakralomino!
Kakralomino:That is my name. Thank you! I do enjoy hearing it.
Hayfa:But what's he doing at the fah-fah-fair?
Kakralomino:Well, since you're asking so nicely...
Kakralomino:I run it.
Parsley:Surely not without some evil plan in mind!
Kakralomino:No evil plans! Not this time. My only desire is to bring joy and happiness to the world.
Parsley:What? That's ridiculous! There's no way anyone-
Lanschi:That's the spirit, Kakralomino! You can do good if you really want to!
Kakralomino:Lanschi! I was thinking of you especially when I had the idea. Your trust means a lot to me!
Panschi:Nope, nope, nope.
Kakralomino:Come, let me show you around!

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