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Funfair Practices - page 1

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Rub a dub dow, three ducks and a cow, and who do you think was there? The brothers, the rhetor, the candy stick eater, all going to a fair...
Lanschi:Ahh! What a beautiful day. We need to do this more often.
Panschi:Y'need to talk me into it less often.
Lanschi:No stress, no monsters, no silly contrived circumstances that lead to wacky hijinks... Just a fun day out with friends.
Parsley:Let's hope it stays fun, unlike last time. Or the 47 times before that.
Lanschi:C'mon, Parsley, it's a funfair! Of course it's fun. It's in the name, y'know.
Lanschi:And besides... What could possibly go wrong?/td>

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