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Funfair Practices - page 3

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Parsley:We really shouldn't be doing this, Lanschi.
Kakralomino:Come one, come all! The coaster ride of your liftetime. (It may be shorter than you think, hehe.)
Lanschi:Why not?
Lanschi:We should give him a chance. Maybe he has turned over a new leaf!
Parsley:All his leaves are rotten! Come on, let's get out of here before anyone gets hurt.
Parsley:Or not, I guess?
Parsley:20 dollars per ride?! You're a cutthroat and a scoundrel!
Kakralomino:Thank you! Don't worry, all proceeds are going straight to Kagnas Enterprises.
Kakralomino:Don't forget to fasten your seatbelts! This will be an unforgettable ride.
Kakralomino:I said fasten your seatbelts.
Hayfa:Do you have these in lady sizes?

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