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Statues of Lamentation - page 7

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No pilfered statue goes unnoticed...
Bad Bat:So then the duck says... Um, or was it the lemonade man? He says, er...
Batty:Here they come again now!
Bad Bat:No, that's not what he- ow!
Batty:Quiet now and shut up, I mean, listen!
Hayfa:Hey, pals, I'm back, I got a few light snacks so we can-
Hayfa:Oh, are you dah-dah-done already?
Parsley:Um, afraid so, but thank you. If any of that was for us. So, um... Can you keep an eye on the statue for a few days, Hayfa?
Hayfa:Spreading the word, eh? Don't worry, Rose, your monument is in good hands! Well, one good hand, at least.
Hayfa:In fah-fah-fact, I'll take it to the market square. Everyone can keep an eye on it!
Parsley:No, wait!
Parsley:Ahh well. I hope no one finds out that's the real Lanschi or there could be a panic.
Panschi:Doubt it.
Panschi:He ain't moving this time, y'know.

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