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Statues of Lamentation - page 6

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Prof. Manatide:Hmm, yes, yes. It would indeed appear that these two have been petrified. In fact, I'd say there's nothing left but pure, solid rock.
Parsley:Is there anything we can do, professor?
Prof. Manatide:Oh, there is something. I will add some robotic features to make them look more alive.
Prof. Manatide:Hee hee, just kidding. You looked a little petrified there yourself, Miss Thyme.
Parsley:Yes, very funny.
Prof. Manatide:You know, I did in fact invent a machine to quickly reverse the effects of simple petrifications for a very amicable cockatrice a long while ago. She was having some... problems with her eyesight, so to say.
Prof. Manatide:Your case is more advanced, but I'll make it work with the right kind of fuel. All I'll need is the water of life.
Parsley:You mean the legendary spring discovered by Ponce de Loon?
Panschi:Alright, alright, hold it. Lemme get this straight. The only kind of fuel that'll make your machine work for us is a mythical substance that may or may not be hidden in the mountains of Quackalot, a thousand miles south from here? And you don't see that as a problem? Are you just gonna stop by there and grab it or what?
Prof. Manatide:Of course not, Mr. Ani. You are going to stop by there and grab it.
Panschi:Why am I not surprised?

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