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Statues of Lamentation - page 8

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Batty:Did you hear that, Bad Bat?
Bad Bat:I think so, Batty, but what do we need snacks for? I just had breakfast.
Batty:Not the snacks, you wally! If that statue is the real Lanschi, then the wizard must be real as well! I- I mean, we would surely be in for a massive reward if we were to unstatuefy him, hehehe.
Parsley:We've got to find a gyroplane to Quackalot. I hope no one has noticed that Kakralomino is gone yet.
Batty:Oh, but somebody has, tootsie.
Batty:You may call me Batty, y'know, and I couldn't help but overhear things. Now, what's all this about Quackalot?
Panschi:Oh, nothin' important, we're just lookin' for the legend'ry fountain of life.
Batty:Nice try, but I don't fall for canards.
Batty:It's about that statue, isn't it? Well, we'll know the truth soon enough... ...because you won't be leaving without us!
Parsley:Hmm, actually, why not?
Panschi:Yeah. Could use some help.
Bad Bat:Are we going on a holiday, Batty?

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