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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 23

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As for someone else's business...
Kakralomino:Ahh, Mr Plunt! I take it you've discovered that money does grow on trees, yes?
Plunt:So to say, mylord.
Plunt:Your park is proving to be popular without competition. One might think people had seen a monster in the other one, hehehe.
Plunt:...And as well as figuratively picking their pockets, we're doing it literally, too, of course.
Plunt:Things are going fair... let's talk about my share.
Dr Spid:What do you mean, your share?
Dr Spid:We're not wasting it on pretty flowers, bud. It's going into my technological research!
Plunt:Oh yeah? What technology would that be, a world-wide web?
Dr Spid:You tree hugger wouldn't understand it if I told you!
Plunt:'Cause you don't know what you're doing, spiderbrain!
Kakralomino:I wasn't going to give you real money anyw- uh, I mean... real... little... money.
Dr Spid:Little, eh? Well, this may hurt just a little!

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