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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 24

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Duck with hat:Help! Help! There's a monster in the park! Ducks with hats first!
Dr Spid:Um...
Plunt:Not good, is it?
And so. money is found and returned and all is well, but...
Lanschi:...I wonder how Shashlik is doing. I hope she didn't bite off more than she could chew.
Panschi:She'll live.
Panschi:Y'should have more trust in her. Whatever they may try... I think she can stomach it.
Dr Spid:That's the last time I associate with a vegetable.
Plunt:You're blaming me?! She eats bugs, you know!
Kakralomino:Quiet, you two! This is hard enough to digest without the squabbling.
So ends- no stop don't eat this

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