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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 22

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Hayfa:It's good to have an emergency supply of marshmallows...
Shishlareth:I'm sorry myself was the root of this problem. I normally avoid people if not for those bats in the equation. It's a shame they got away!
Panschi:Eh, always next time.
Parsley:Precisely! I don't think they'll ever truly give up.
Lanschi:I don't get it, though. Why were you so eager to help them, Sheila?
Shishlareth:Well, you see...
Shishlareth:I haven't been finding great amounts of food for a carnivore, and only a fraction of this park is truly open to me with all the people around. Experiences have equalled negative, and I thought Lord Kagnas could invert that. He promised me a new habitat and free food deliveries if I stop leaving people alone.
Hayfa:If it makes you feel better, your cah-cah-cupcakes were delicious! I even left you one that I didn't eat.
Shishlareth:Um... Thanks.
Parsley:Maybe we can find you a better place to live, Shishi!
Scarlett:In a different postal district.
Lanschi:You know, that makes me realise... I think I know just the place!

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