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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 17

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Parsley:I don't think it's locked. If one of us had her hands free, we could get out of here. But I'm not sure precisely how to accomplish that...
Hayfa:We'll be stuck here foreveeeer! And these ropes are so tah-tah-tight!
Parsley:Hmm... Tight, you say?
Parsley:That gives me an idea... Are you hungry, Hay- nevermind, of course you are! I think it's tme for a second dinner. Or third.
Hayfa:But I had three before we left!
Parsley:Well, you'll have another! I'm sure this food is for the prisoners anyway.
Parsley:Chow down, Hayfa! No time to ruminate!
SFX:*chomp* *snarf*
SFX:MUNCH! BURP! 'scuse me!
Hayfa:Mooing milkmaids, I need those recipes!

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