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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 16

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Lanschi:Did you hear that, Panschi? That noise may be the clue that will lead us to the monster!
Panschi:Zzz... Whatever...
Lanschi:Woop! And here someone comes! Stay down!
Bad Bat:It's the circle of life~
Batty:Quiet, you wally! You made enough noise already.
Bad Bat:If this weren't so remote, I wouldn't need to crash here all the time.
Batty:Try landing next time. You'll have ample chances to watch me do it right.
Batty:Ol' pointy-hat needs more paying park guests so he has money for his gubbins.
Bad Bat:The one on the blueprints?
Batty:Get rid of those, you clot! They'll give us away and ruin everything!
Bad Bat:If you say so... Just wanted to be prepared.
Lanschi:Hey, nice catch, Panschi!
Panschi:GRRK! GACK!

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