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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 18

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Untied and united, an escape is made...
Parsley:How did you get here anyway, Scarlett?
Scarlett:Well, I was just delivering the mail as usual...
Scarlett:...and there was a letter addressed to "inconspi-cuous cave in the park" from one Lord Kagnas.
Parsley:That's Kakralomino! Do you know what's in the letter?
Scarlett:Well, I still have it, but I'm sure it's not legal to-
Parsley:Nevermind that now!
Parsley:Mm-hmm... Payment in grubs... Offer you can't refuse... Bla bla bla... Environmental project? In your dreams, Kakra!
Parsley:He's feeding grubs and lies to her for disrupting the peace! Come on, we should tell the boys!
Lanschi:Hmm, these seem to be plans for a deathray that is mounted to the sky.
Panschi:You're holdin' it upside-down, doofus.
Parsley:Lanschi! Panschi! We found out what's going on here!
Lanschi:Rustle my feathers, out of all the things, I would've never suspected that the postlady is behind this!

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