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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 4

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Plunt:Don't get cocky! You may be harming an important environmental project.
Lanschi:What... exactly are you doing?
Plunt:Isn't it obvious?
Plunt:Kagnas Enterprises is making a voluntary contribution to the community of Lanschilandia.
Plunt:You heard me. After all the trouble that Lord Kagnas has given you, he has decided to help you out in these times of need, since your own park is being plagued by a terrible monster. He has such a soft heart!
Lanschi:Come on, not even I can believe that. What are you really doing?
Plunt:Protecting endangered species.
Lanschi:Okay, fair enough.
Lanschi:No, wait, there's got to be something else you're trying to-
Plunt:Listen, duck. You gonna pay? If not, good day.
Panschi:Anything useful?
Lanschi:Depends... Do you know a creature that fits the description "a terrible monster"?
Panschi:Guess that's a "no".

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