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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 3

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Lanschi:Don't look so grumpy now! It's all for a very good cause.
Panschi:Makin' me leave the planet?
Lanschi:Don't be ridiculous! We both did that last week already. This time, we are fighting for freedom. The freedom of people all over the world to wear hats in the park.
Panschi:We protectin' this guy's park, too?
Plunt:Grand opening tomorrow! Kagnas Park, Lanschilandia's biggest nature reserve. Only the best for your walks in the park. From Kagnas Enterprises.
Plunt:Entrance fees will go to a charitable cause! When you pay for mooks in need, your satisfaction's guaranteed. 100% organic and free from monster attacks!
Panschi:Well that ain't suspicious at all.
Plunt:You will enjoy your stay or your money stays with us! We'll even take-
Lanschi:Um, excuse me.
Plunt:Twenty bucks for the interruption.
Lanschi:Um, great! Can I collect them right now?

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