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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 5

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Research is done...
Panschi:Y'know, your description's a bit vague.
Lanschi:Eh, this is Parsley we're talking about! She'll find something.
Lanschi:Any luck yet?
Parsley:Not much, I'm afraid. Your description was a bit vague.
Parsley:"A terrible monster" that eats things narrows it down to about 37 pages, and that's only creatures famed for eating.
Parsley:It could be anything from a chew-shrew to an explodocus!
Hayfa:Hmph! This makes me so angry!
Parsley:I didn't know you were so concerned about this, Hayfa.
Hayfa:Of cah-cah-course it concerns me!
Hayfa:Yeah! Why did they never contact me to be covered in that book?

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