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Lizard Needs Food Badly - page 2

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Gladwin:...And then she ate my hat.
Lanschi:Your hat?
Gladwin:It was my favourite hat!
Captain McAptain:Well, um...
Captain McAptain:Regardless of what was eaten or went missing, it's a problem. This was the fifth attack this week! And we still don't know who's behind it.
Lanschi:Hats going missing... This sounds horrendous! Have you sent a team to investigate?
Captain McAptain:Three!
Captain McAptain:And no one ever sees a thing!
Captain McAptain:Someone will have to put a stop to this. Someone more suited to do a hero's job!
Panschi:I agree!
Panschi:So, if you need us, we'll be in an undisclosed location too far away. Bye bye.
Lanschi:Of course we'll take care of it, O Captain McAptain!
Captain McAptain:That's the spirit. I'm counting on you!

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