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The Mad and the Madcap - page 8

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Things aren't looking better elsewhere....
Amatapikoia*Sigh* Mt. Mekelotahot has ceased to erup [again]. Do you know what that means, Meiawokaweinau?
Meiawokaweinau:It means magma from Meha's mantle is no longer reaching the volcano, causing it to go dormant. This can be due to the movement of landmasses in which the mountain's location shifts, but not that of the magma source.
Amatapikoia:What? Nonsense! It means the deities have forsaken us. They demand sacrifices!
Amatapikoia:We haven't sacrificed anyone in a while.
Meiawokaweinau:Actually, we have never sacrificed anyone.
Amatapikoia:...Really? Didn't we sacrifice Larry?
Meiawokaweinau:We tossed him in the six-inch-deep pit, but he only stubbed his toe.
Amatapikoia:Another sing that the deities are angry! And I, Chief Amatapikoia, know just what to do to appease them!
Amatapikoia:But it won't be easy, for the situation is grave! Yes, very grave indeed! We require a number of complete strangers to offer to the Great Ones to prove that we are willing to make great sacrifices.
Meiawokaweinau:But that doesn't even make any
Amatapikoia:Akalemlakasiem! Go and bring us foreigners.
Akalemlakasiem:That's a terrible idea, Chieftain. I'll hate doing this task.
Amatapikoia:Thank you, my warrior. Soon, the lava shall flow again. Soon.

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