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The Mad and the Madcap - page 7

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Hayfa:So, how are we getting there?
Hayfa:A yacht, maybe? Or a luxury cruise ship... Just think of all the fah-fah-food! Smoked salmon and caviar, cakes and chocolate desserts, truffles served in-
Panschi:We're goin' by gyro.
Panschi:Yup. Flying machine. Doesn't sound so great anymore, huh?
Hayfa:What do you mean? It sounds awesome! I've always wanted to fly! Bah-bah-but how did you know?
It cannot be prevented...
Lanschi:Keep pushing out there!
Panschi:Pushin' as hard as I can! Why don't you two pull a bit more?
Panschi:Professor, are you sure the gyro will still fly with the extra weight?
Prof. Manatide:Absolutely! This is high-end technology. It could probably lift an elephant!
Prof. Manatide:Well, it may need some adjustments for this kind of heavy duty.
Hayfa:Wooo! I'm feeling fah-fah-free as a bird!
Parsley:Hayfa... We aren't flying...

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