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The Mad and the Madcap - page 9

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Speaking of foreigners...
Hayfa:Ooh, I cah-cah-can't wait to meet the islanders! Do you think they can make clam chowder? I love clam chowder!
Parsley:Erm... I wouldn't bet on it.
Parsley:I don't believe the island has been inhabited in at least a century.
Lanschi:My, look at all that jungle down there! I'm glad we don't have to find our way through that!
Panschi:We're gonna crash there.
Parsley:What?! Hey! How can you even say such a thing, Panschi?
Panschi:'Cause, all things considered... it's kinda obvious.
Parsley:Wh-where did that come from?!
Lanschi:Bad news, folks! We're rapidly losing altitude! And I mean rapidly!
Panschi:Told ya.
Parsley:Um... let's all stay calm.
Hayfa:Wah-wah-where's my emergency chocolate? I at least want to die eating!

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