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The Mad and the Madcap - page 6

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Panschi:Tell me again why we're going to Waiukamia.
Lanschi:Panschi, Panschi! How could you forget?
Lanschi:We're going there because, uh... why are we going there again, Parsley?
Parsley:To fetch the Madcap of Malvaric before someone else does! It's a magic artifact and I don't even want to imagine what it could do in the wrong hands- er, on the wrong head! Its volcano prison has gone dormant and I doubt we're the only ones who know this.
Panschi:Tell me again... how do we know this?
Parsley:Eh, being a bibliophile has its advantages!
Panschi:So, lemme get this straight. We're going to a far away island to hunt down a thing that only one of us has merely read about, and our only plan is to "fetch" it? Could this possibly get any worse?
Panschi:Well, duh.
Hayfa:Hi Rose, hi Panschi & Lanschi! Cah-cah-couldn't help but overhear you all are going to an island, can I come? I just lah-lah-love the tropical island cuisine!
Lanschi:Um, it might not be the kind of island you thi-
Hayfa:Ooh, thanks for letting me join!
Panschi:Waitasec, no one said you could join us!
Hayfa:You just did. You said "you could join us".
Panschi:That's a different context!
Hayfa:Oh, sure, try to change your opinion now...

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