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The Mad and the Madcap - page 3

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Lanschi:Well, let's see how to get this thing off the ground...
Lanschi:WOOOO!! We're up in the air!
Parsley:Don't go too crazy with it; it will need to survive its first test flight!
Parsley:Remember, we will need it to get to Waiukamia!
Lanschi:I know, I know, but this is fun!
Lanschi:And look, we can see the whole kingdom! There's my house, and there's the castle! Wow, this is truly a sight that I hope no one else is missing out on!
Lanschi:And there's Hayfa! Hi! I wonder if she's happy she can be seen from up here.
Parsley:Speaking of seeing, I'm seeing something in Alluvia that I don't like.
Lanschi:Are you saying there are things there you do like?
Lanschi:Well, whatever it is, it's probably nothing to worry about!
Bad Bat:Oh golly, I don't even know what all these things are for!
Batty:Well, don't blame me for what happens, I fully trusted you to inform yourself in advance!

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